Laurie’s Corner – Pigeons, PowerPuffs, and Packages!

A message from our fearless leader, President, and resident wonder woman, Laurie Cooper!:



I cannot tell you how jazzed I am to be back at work!

I do not recommend this whole concussion thing! I do, however, recommend creating a PowerPuff version of yourself here and posting it on our Pub-Craft page so I can see it! Below is me as a PowerPuff girl recovering from my concussion.  :)


Laurie's Corner - PowerPuff Concussion

Yes, I am finally back where I belong in the world of romance and we have some awesome updates happening here at Pub-Craft!

First, some of you may remember the #PubCraftPigeons – they seriously love our office balcony garden! This spring, it looks like we’ll have some new additions to the Pub-Craft Family – two little monsters, to be exact :)


Pub-Craft Pigeons April 2016
Stay tuned for more updates on these rascals on our Facebook Page too!

Second, we have updated our newsletter and created new promotion packages and pricing! We’ve been thinking about doing this for awhile now and, after getting some fabulous feedback from Opal Carew, Eve Langlais, Carey Decevito, Mary Leo, and Karen Fenech, among others, we are super excited to be sharing our new promo packages with you!


Packages Announcement_girl on phone
Please let us know if you have any questions AND, if you can think of anything that you’d like to see listed here as a service or package, or any upgrades, please contact us and let us know! We might even let you name the package! 😉

Go Powerpuff yourselves – and have a fabulous day!

Laurie & The Pub-Craft Team
(and The Pub-Craft Pigeons)


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