Laurie’s Corner – Workshops, Webinars, and Wellness!

A message from our fearless leader, President, and resident wonder woman, Laurie Cooper!:


Hello! I hope all your projects are coming along beautifully!

I’m pleased to share that I have been furthering many of my goals as we work our way towards summer time. Believe it or not, I’m eating right, sleeping enough, getting up earlier, working out, spending more time with loved ones AND working on developing training and webinars for romance authors! Who is this well-rested person?! I wish you the same good kind of craziness! And, even better, my team and I can help you achieve it.

As you know, the Pub-Craft team delivers virtual assistance and promotion management for authors so that they have more time to write. We will soon be able to provide even more versatile author support via webinars, including live Q&A’s and recorded sessions delivered right to your inbox. We are getting quite excited about this and also looking into publishing our training and support materials! We’ll be discussing romance book promotion, online advertising & marketing, virtual assistance, industry tips and more! More to come on this soon…

I’m having a lot of fun over here learning to podcast and deliver webinars! Who knew that talking at your webcam could be such an enriching experience?

The many faces of Laurie - Webinar Stills
The many faces of Laurie Cooper – some fun stills from webinar tests!

I have to shout out here to Pat Flynn and his super helpful training videos. If you are also interested in getting started vlogging, podcasting, and/or delivering online training via webinars, please check out Pat’s FREE “How to Start a Podcast” tutorial here.

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Get some sunshine and remember that Marissa, Kate, and I are here to help and give you more time to write! Contact us anytime!




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