All About Quote Cards – and Why We Love Them!

Quote Cards: what you need to catch readers’ eyes!

There’s always a lot of talk about what does and doesn’t work in book promotion. As Romance Specialists, part of our role is staying right on top of the have and have-not promo tactics and tracking the success and improvement areas of all our campaigns. Like us, I’m sure you’ve noticed something: no matter what seems to be the ‘sweet spot of promotion’ at the time, pictures help immensely.

Our dandy little graphic cards are called a number of different things (teasers, quote cards, memes, man candy, promo graphics), but they are always eye-catching, attention-hooking, and shareable – all of the three main hit-points you want in social media, blog, and newsletter posts.

So, we thought we’d do a quick run-down of what we like to include in our quote cards, and share some of our favourites.

The three main components of an effective quote card are:

  1. A snappy slice of dialogue or extra-vivid description taken right from your book.
    You want people to read this card, buy your book, and see that line, and many more like it, as they snuggle up with your story. That will be a satisfied customer, and hopefully a return reader.
    As for length, there is some debate on this, but we like to keep ours short and sweet. Say, four very short sentences as the max. This keeps the text large and easy to read – the idea is to tease, so just a little taste is enough. We prefer to save your excerpts for text posts (that won’t make your fans squint). 😉
  2. Your book’s cover! And your name!
    You need to make sure that everyone who sees the graphic knows exactly where that quote is coming from – your work! So feature your book’s cover as much as you can while keeping the text the focal point of your graphic. And if your name and the book’s title is not super clear on the cover, then don’t be afraid to put both elsewhere!
  3. Some genre-appropriate eye-candy. 😉
    There is no need to compromise your genre or branding with eye-candy outside of your brand. A clear shot of a woman’s face showing any kind of emotion is just as eye-catching as a couple in a sexy pose or a nice piece of man-chest. You need people to notice your graphic when scrolling by, but you also need it to be consistent with your brand, and the genre of your story – it’s always better to let readers know exactly what to expect when it comes to genre and sexy-times content.

And here’s how we’ve put all that into play…

Disclaimer: all of these authors happen have at least a little steam to their writing, but it’s not a necessary factor for an effective quote card!

Example of Quote Cards #1
Her Choice (Family Ties Book 1) by Anne Lange


Example of Quote Cards #2
Handcuffed to the Sheikh, Too (Jewels of the Desert Book 1) by Teresa Morgan


Example of Quote Cards #3
Bound: a True Desires novel by Sasha White


Example of Quote Cards #4 - Her Choice by Anne Lange
Her Choice (Family Ties Book 1) by Anne Lange


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