Pub-Craft Welcomes a New Intern!

It’s that time of year again – Pub-Craft has a new victim intern, Alex Sundaresan!


Alex Sundaresan Intern Headshot

Alex is joining us from Algonquin College’s Professional Writing program – he will be making guest appearances on this blog and helping out around the office while he finishes up his studies this spring.

Now, here’s a bit about Alex!

Alex Sundaresan wears many hats, writing poetry and scripts for comics/graphic novels and visual novels. Specializing in writing romance and magic realism, he’s aiming to realize his dream of being an author and a graphic novelist while also juggling school, friends, romance, and work. When he’s not writing at his writing desk or drawing at his drawing desk, he’s usually playing video games, or wandering through the woods and the city of Ottawa seeking out inspiration, conversation, and the unknown.

Operating under the nom de plume “Legion”, Alex has always had a knack for the strange and unusual, which is reflected in his work, his hairstyle, and his day-to- day life. He believes writing fiction is an attainable way to achieve immortality – and works towards it every day! He’s very excited to begin work at Pub-Craft!

Welcome to the team, Alex! We’re happy to corrupt teach and guide you through your internship! 😉


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