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Romance Specialists – Kate and Leopold

Movie #5: Kate and Leopold (2001)

A very special¬†guest post from our wonder-intern, Matthew! That’s right, we’re getting a young man’s take on romance tips from Hollywood. Buckle up, ladies and gents.


Summary from Reel Romance:

Intimacy Comfort Level: First Date, Going Steady, Committed/Married

Make-Out Meter: 4.5 flames

Just for Her: A horseback rescue

Just for Him: Sparring over dinner; dating tips from a 19th-century duke

Do Try This at Home: Plan a private dinner for two on a rooftop, violinist optional

Pub-Craft’s Takeaway:¬†Love crosses all barriers! Even if it‚Äôs time itself.

Tip: Chivalry, when applied correctly, can stop time.


If you‚Äôre the kind of person who enjoys watching two people discover they are more alike than they realize, Kate & Leopold may be for you. If you‚Äôre the kind of person who enjoys watching couples engage in (mostly) fun banter and play off each other, Kate and Leopold may be for you. If you‚Äôre the kind of person who enjoys a serious look into time travel and its consequences, Kate and Leopold may not be for you…

Kate and Leopold_2001_movie still_bench
But who cares about irreparable rifts in the space-time continuum when Hugh Jackman is looking at you like *that*.

Opposites attract, or do they? While at first glance Leopold and Kate may seem to be complete opposites; one is old-fashioned, formal, and straight out of the 1800s while the other is stubborn, sarcastic and very attached to the modern world (and her Palm Pilot!), the couple’s similarities well outweigh their differences. The two have a snappy, back-and-forth banter that evolves into obvious flirting between them. It left this blogger cheering for them to realize their true feelings and to end up together, despite the differences in their time periods and challenges that approached them throughout the film.

There’s just something electrifyingly engaging about watching a likable couple get together even when the odds are stacked against them, and that’s really what kept me watching Kate and Leopold until the credits rolled.

What I learned about romance from Kate and Leopold:

The importance of chemistry! Having some fun back and forth with your partner is important, and this kind of dynamic is often the center of rom-coms for good reason. When the people around you‚ÄĒor your audience‚ÄĒhave fun watching a duo interact, you can only imagine how much fun the couple themselves are having.

Heroism is not dead! One of my favorite scenes involved Leopold racing down New York on horseback to reclaim Kate’s purse from a thief. It was a really overblown and ridiculous scene. But it was also one of those moments that all guys dream of; being able to look really cool in front of the person they like.

Sacrifices must be made. In this movie, it was Kate leaving behind her life in the present to return to the past with Leopold. As we all know, distance can put strain on a relationship, and living in different time periods is probably even more difficult. Kate had to leave home to move in with Leopold in a far more permanent way than we normally think.

The movie was very funny and romantic with a likable couple at the center.

Though the end of the movie did leave me wondering about the possibility of Kate’s ex-boyfriend actually being a descendant of hers?

Food for thought.



Stay tuned for more lessons on romance from Hollywood as we continue our Romance Specialist Quest!

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The Pub-Craft Team Goes International – Again! – with RWA 2016!

We are so excited to announce:

The Pub-Craft Team is speaking at RWA 2016 San Diego in July!


RWA 2016 San Diego Conference Title Logo







We had such an awesome time in New York last year (despite some faulty luggage and corresponding foot-wounds on Marissa’s side) and we are absolutely psyched to be sharing another workshop with RWA this summer!

While we both kind of fear for our ghostly complexions, we’re tingling with excitement about what the summer will bring. And ask for all of your moral support –¬†we probably have to go bathing suit shopping…

So, if you’re also hitting up San Diego this year, let us know! We’d love to grab a drink (or some sun!) or just say¬†‘Hi!’ – and make sure you don’t miss our workshop ‘A Crash Course in Online Advertising’, Saturday July 16th at 3:15pm!

Looking for the¬†complete schedule of workshops? You can find it all here. We know we’ve already got a couple ‘must-sees!’ marked down!

And just to show our excitement, here’s little highlight reel from last year’s conference, replete with Kinky Boots, bad puns, cover photo shoots, the gorgeous RITAs, a spinning rooftop bar, and two very proud assistants¬†accepting awards and nominations of behalf of their lovely clients, Sharon Page and Opal Carew! Whew!

RWA 2015 New York City throwback thursday collage
Okay, so we missed #tbt, but we’re making Flashback Fridays #fbf a thing! #rebels

Stay tuned for more updates, lots more pictures (I hear tell the Boss Lady pictured above is now in possession of a selfie-stick…), more exciting news, and more Romance Industry tips, tricks, and tactics!

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Pub-Craft Team News: We’ve got ourselves a new intern!

Intern Matthew Miller Bio PhotoPub-Craft has gained another victim –¬†I mean, intern!

Matthew Miller, a student from Algonquin College’s Professional Writing program, has come to work at Pub-Craft as an intern as he finishes up his studies. Matthew has always been interested in creative writing, and has a lot of respect and admiration for those who are able to put the stories in their head into words on a page Рsomething he really struggles with. When choosing an internship, he decided he wanted to be involved with creative writers and help them out in whatever way he could, so Pub-Craft was a great fit!

Matthew’s goal is to become a fantasy novelist and someday share the stories in his imagination with the rest of the world. He would also like to write scripts and dialogue for video games or television if the opportunity arises. As he works towards that goal, he intends to use his other skills honed through college, such as technical writing, editing, and social media management to provide employers with quality services in his field and hone his language abilities.

Outside of his writing career, Matthew loves video games and music. In fact, much of the music Matthew enjoys is from video games or movies. Ultimately though, Matthew just loves engaging with fiction; what he considers to be one of the most interesting and engaging aspects of the human spirit and mind.

Welcome to the team, Matthew! We’re happy to corrupt teach and guide you through your internship!


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Laurie’s Corner – Happy Spring: A New Season of New Beginnings!

A Spring message from our fearless leader, President, and resident wonder woman, Laurie Cooper:


Happy Spring!Lauries Corner _ Spring Edition

With such a mild winter in Ottawa, I feel as if I’ve hibernated it away over these last couple months as I recovered from my concussion.

Now, with Spring in the air, a talented new intern from Algonquin College on our team, and 2 and a half months worth of ideas, motivation to get going is coursing through me!

Like so many others in this romantic industry of ours, my mind is dreaming and scheming about the next big undertaking and I’m feeling particularly inspired as the weather warms and the days grow longer.

Pinterest, as ever, is my loving companion and patient therapist. I don’t know about you, but beautiful visuals, funny/inspirational quotes, and DIY encouragement get Marissa, Kate, and I jazzed for new and ongoing projects!

So, please, enjoy these stand-out Pinterest gems and take in the sunshine. I know many of you have filthy minds. Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty too!

Spring - hands smell of dirtGet 50 Tips for Free Publicity:

Create your own professional quality designs/promo images with Canva:

Get inspired with some good, old-fashioned romance:





Spring is definitely a time of new beginnings! If you want to up your game, keep going strong, or just start all over, the Pub-Craft Team is here for you! We’d love to lend a (dirty) hand or two in whatever upcoming project you’re ready to tackle! <3

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Happy International Women’s Day!

We#readwomen are so lucky to work in an industry with such a huge number of amazing, successful, empowered (and empowering!) women.

Laurie, Kate, and I are always quick to say how much we love working in the romance industry. Having the opportunity to work alongside so many resilient women – each the agent of their own successes and keeping so many balls in the air at once – is inspiring, wonderful, and rare.

We take this day to celebrate our lady authors, bloggers, and readers for the strong, awe-inspiring wonder-women that you are!


The Pub-Craft Team has a Sexapalooza!: Live-Marketing Tips at their Sexiest

Well, okay, we didn’t¬†have a sexapalooza. That’s misleading. And this might not be the kind of post¬†you were looking for. Sorry.

But¬†we¬†did table at Ottawa’s 12th annual Sexapalooza for author-extraordinaire and lovely lady Opal Carew!

Books were flying off the table - in a sexy way, of course.
Books were flying off the table – in a sexy way, of course.

We’ve been tabling for Opal at Sexapalooza for a few years now (at last count, our fearless leader Laurie was at four¬†consecutive years!), and it’s always a blast! We always meet the coolest readers, we’re always within view of the Dungeon, and I always lose my voice by the end of the weekend. But I digress.

For many authors, live marketing can be stressful Рand on the other side of the world from their comfort zone. So, here are some quick live-marketing tips for getting out there and personally putting your books in the hands of readers!

1) Be yourself! You don’t need¬†the most outgoing personality to be great at live marketing. If you have a sweet and shy nature, that’s great too! People respond genuinely when they can tell you are being genuine with them. You may still need to push yourself to start conversations, but you are more likely to build a rapport with a reader through friendly, unforced interaction. Getting all¬†up in their faces – and pretending to be someone you’re not – can¬†scare the reader¬†(and yourself).

2) Make sure your¬†communication-game on point! The easiest¬†way to¬†have¬†people walk away is to make them feel like they’re not being listened to. So, this is where all those tidbits you learned about good communication in elementary school come back into play. Face the people you’re approaching head-on. Maintain eye contact. Open up your body language so you’re friendly and approachable. Lean toward them slightly and give them your full attention. Engage them like you would a new friend, and you’re already most of the way to gaining a new reader.

3)¬†Rehearse your selling points!¬†Practice saying to yourself¬†why people should read your work. Are you particularly known for your humour? Your intense mysteries or big plot twists? The new worlds you build entirely from scratch? Do people crave your sweetheart happily-ever-afters? Have specific stories won awards? Hit big lists? Do you write¬†mind-blowing¬†sex scenes? Know what your strengths are, why readers are drawn to your work, and get comfortable talking about it.¬†You are your own best advocate, and if someone can’t tell me why I should take an interest in something they created, then I’m probably not going to.

4) Know your stuff! This is where authors can rule¬†– you can talk about your characters and stories like no one else can! We know you know your characters inside and out, and seeing the genuine knowledge and appreciation you have of them is infectious. Use it to your advantage – infect each and every person you talk to with the need to know all about your stories! ūüėČ

5)¬†Snazz-up your space!¬†The first step in live-marketing is getting people to notice you and your space. Even if you have just a table, or a full-on booth, you want your space to reflect your brand, and your stories. Make sure you have¬†eye-catching posters, pictures, even knick-knacks on your table to draw people in. For¬†Opal Carew, we snazzed-up¬†the table with rose petals, fuzzy cuffs, naughty dice, and Valentine’s Day decor. This is always one of the most fun parts for me; decorate that table like you’re putting it on Pinterest¬†–¬†people will notice, and respond.

We do up tables real nice. ;)
Opal Carew has a few books to display. Thank goodness we had a corner spot!

6) Bring good help! The fact is, a lot of live-marketing events are all-weekend-long marathons. They’re exhausting, and can be even more so if you can’t take any breaks and there’s no one to refill your water bottle. Always bring a team, or at least an assistant, you can trust with you, if only so that you can take a break¬†without entrusting your table to your neighbour, and pee in peace without¬†a cash box on your lap. Assistance of any kind will make it or break it when it comes surviving live-marketing events – and more hands and heads are always better than one.

And that’s it! Deep breaths, authors – you can do this!

And if you do want that good help, the¬†Pub-Craft team is here for you!¬†ūüėȬ†Get in touch with us about your live event – we’d love to talk you up!

Full Girl Team w full table view (2)
The Lady Squad of our live-marketing team – Marissa, Katie, Laurie, and Kate – colour-coordinated and everything!

And hey, if you¬†saw any of these cool cats¬†tabling¬†two weeks ago, you may have also signed up to join our review team, The Pub-Craft Insiders! We are putting together a¬†cracker-jack team of readers¬†and bloggers who are interested in receiving free¬†ebooks (that’s right – FREE!) in exchange for honest reviews. Does this sound like you? Let us know! Email us at, or pop by our contact page, here. We’d love to have you!


Laurie’s Corner – Starting the Year off with a ‘Bang!’

A message from our fearless leader, President, and resident wonder woman, Laurie Cooper:


This January, I gave true meaning to ‘starting this year off with a bang!’ due to an unfortunate slip and bonk on the head over the holidays.¬†Thus far, I have spent 2016 recovering from a concussion.


While processing this wrench in my plans has been a difficult one (I’m a mover and shaker by nature, you romance authors¬†know¬†the feeling!), it has been punctuated by some very funny moments. A few stand-outs being when I explained my symptoms to my doctor, expressing that, “my friends say I’m indecisive, but… I’m not sure”, “I feel like I’ve been hit in the head… wait” and when I embraced the irony that I forgot to tell her that I was forgetting things.

Along with achieving a new appreciation of the saying¬†“someone rang my bell,”¬†I’ve really been developing my appreciation for the little things in life. Such as silly laughs in the midst of unexpected trials, amazing herbal tea when you must be caffeine-free, and joyously finding noise-cancelling headphones when you want to blend a smoothie without¬†straining your brain – victory cackles were heard from the Pub-Craft kitchen that day.

I fear I may too closely resemble a young Jack Nicholson.

The big things in my life have remained strong and true. I am ever-thankful for the tremendously touching support of loved ones and friends, and the consistently excellent work and faith of an incredible team.

With my counsel, my team and I have a Synergy and Jem thing going on. Obi-Wan Kenobi to their Skywalker, if you will.¬†Pub-Craft’s title-holding “Queen of Talent,” Marissa Caldwell, has been managing our rapidly evolving company “like a boss” and is looking forward to promoting your¬†next book, setting up a review campaign, building your street team, or assisting you with any of your tasks.

For all those who hoped to hit the ground running this year, but just hit the ground instead, don’t give up. You got this! Dust yourself off and focus on the tasks at hand to get you closer to achieving your goals. And, remember, the Pub-Craft team is here to help –¬†Giving You More Time To Write!

The Pub-Craft Team Visits with N.N. Light!

The lovely N.N. Light, author/book promoter/reviewer/blogger extraordinaire/wonder woman, had the Pub-Craft Team on her blog today!

She has featured interviews, reviews, and spotlights for a number of our authors, and has a following to be envied Рa potential reach of over twenty-two million! Whew!

N.N. Light Business Card

We are so happy she had us Guest Post today, and talk just a bit about ourselves Рwho we are, what we do, and how we can give you more time to write!

Pop by The Princess of the Light, show Mrs N¬†some love, and find out more about us! ūüėČ

Pub-Craft Banner

Want to start stalking N.N. Light? (we do!) You can find her on her website, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn!


Romance Specialists – June Bride

Movie #4: June Bride (1948)

*SPOILER ALERT* – for a movie that came out in 1948? Yes. Because if you haven’t seen this movie, you should, and then come back and read this. Okay. Good. Now to continue…

Summary from Reel Romance:

Intimacy Comfort Level: First Date, Going Steady, Committed/Married
Make-Out Meter: Two Flames
Just for Her: Lamp games
Just For Him:¬†Slapstick comedy, guy talk over “apple cider,” &¬†those Bette Davis eyes
Do Try This at Home: Go for an evening hayride in a horse-drawn wagon, or skip the hay and try a horse-drawn carriage. (Or skip the wagon and the carriage and just go for the hay.)

Pub-Craft’s Takeaway: If you can’t have someone, marry their sibling instead. It’s almost the same thing.

Tip:¬†It’s never too late to give an old flame¬†a second chance. And¬†the special one you’ve been waiting for might be right under your nose.


This may be my favourite Reel Romance movie so far. Seriously. It was genuinely funny, sweet, and if I entirely ignore the sub-plots and ending, then it was all very romantic.

Here’s the general break-down for you:

Things that were perfect:¬†Bette Davis is all eyes and sass. The real romance in this movie may be between me and Bette Davis’s character and that character’s life.

Things that were¬†begrudgingly romantic: The main guy in this movie is pretty hilarious, and we all know how attractive a sense of humour is. This actor’s last name is Montgomery, and that’s all I know. You see.¬†there were a lot of Montgomerys in Old Hollywood (and two in this movie alone). Though I want to say his first name is Robert or Dave or something. I should mention the begrudging part comes from how arrogant and self-centered he is, and how that is still so innately my type. Just point me to the wise-cracking jerk, and that will¬†be my favourite character. Every. Time. Damn those alphas.

Things that confused me: All the romantic sub-plots are kind of terrible. In summary, everyone is in love with someone other than who they’re with, and they all end up married to each other’s siblings instead. With little-to-no build up. Because their brother/sister is¬†basically the same thing as the original? Yeah, pretty much.

Bette Davis and Some Montgomery disapprove of your sibling-swap.
Linda and Carey do not understand your sibling-swapping.

Things that made my romance-brain angry: A¬†girl is spanked by a¬†relative stranger, and¬†not in a¬†sexy way. I guess there’s something to be said for witnessing how to spank in the least sexy way possible? Maybe. But anyway, they also later dress this same¬†girl up ‘as a lady’ and her crush agrees to marry her instantly. Because men are simple creatures and women just need to look better to get the man they want.¬†Oh. And the ending. ¬†The ending! The Happily Ever After is Bette Davis quitting her job to follow Robert/Davie/Some Montgomery¬†around the world. She’s the editor of a freaking magazine and he’s a travelling freelance reporter, and she’s the one who quits her job to literally carry his suitcases. Literally. It flies in the face of the give-and-take real relationship¬†in the rest of the movie.

But, the romance. Yes, the romance of Old Hollywood. There is certainly a kind of love here that you don’t see a lot of¬†in movies and books¬†nowadays – a slow-burning, begrudging attraction that grows into¬†genuine adoration.

In June Bride, these people don’t want to still like each other, but they do. They are quick to bury the hatchet about their break up, and immediately become chummy coworkers. And that new friendship and old familiarity brings out deeper feelings as they spend more time together. Maybe that’s why I liked this movie so much, despite the subplots and ending that two witnesses can verify made me femme-rant for about half an hour – there’s a real re-ignition of an old flame between Bette Davis and Some Montgomery that is¬†tender, almost realistic, and occasionally made me all fuzzy inside. Glossing over all the other ‘comedic’ bits, this movie is actually a wonderful love story.

Bette Davis and the guy¬†split up years ago because he¬†was a flaky deadbeat, and it is the best thing for them both. She goes on to become the editor of a magazine, he wins some foreign correspondent awards or whatever, and they end up thrown back together three years later. He takes a job working under her because he wants to see her again (I think – some of the old-time-y language and rapid-fire dialogue flew just above my head), and they begin to¬†genuinely appreciate the people they’ve become.

The cherry on top for me right from the beginning was that Some Montgomery¬†truly respects Bette Davis¬†as a boss. Yes, he’s flirty and makes some eye-roll-worthy comments, but when it comes down to it, he takes her orders and tries to help her reach her goals. There are no “I’m not working for a woman” moments – just truly funny “maybe I shouldn’t work for my ex” moments. Shout-out to the¬†alphas that are comfortable being¬†betas (sometimes)! Just the best.

The point is, these characters get a second chance at love now that they’ve both grown into the¬†people they always¬†wanted each other to be. There’s a line from It’s Complicated (that movie¬†Meryl Streep did with Large Baldwin) where the ex-husband¬†says that people who split up should try to get back together 10 years later, and there is some credence to that theory here.

So. What did we learn about romance from June Bride?

1) True love doesn’t¬†die easily.

2) It is never too late to give love a second chance.

3) Sometimes the one you’re looking for is right under your nose the whole time.